Top Usborne Books for the Homeschool

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In July of 2013 I became an Usborne Books & More consultant. I liked the idea of promoting literacy within my community, which is their mission statement and vision, and I also liked the idea of having more options of great quality books in the home.

What I wasn’t aware of until becoming a consultant and getting a better look at their selection was the expansive selection of books that could be used in the home classroom. When people ask me which Usborne Books are good for the homeschool it is very difficult to pinpoint just a few books, Usborne carries over 1600 titles and quite honestly the majority would fit well into any homeschool.

Usborne Books have been around for 25 years, may homeschoolers and teachers are familiar with the excellent quality of their books however I do find many homeschool moms are unaware of the full selection of books that would supplement any curriculum or study in their home.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Usborne Books for the Homeschool;

  1. Phonics Books: I owe my introduction to Usborne Books to the phenomenal phonics books Usborne Books has created. They have beautiful illustrations and catchy titles like Frog on a log, Big Pig on a Dig and Underpants for Ants. They using rhyming and repetition to teach phonics skills to preschoolers.
  2. Reading Programs: Also for preschoolers, Usborne Books spent several years creating the perfect early reading program. These sets teach reading using a guided reading system and advance in levels as the young reader becomes more confident. I have been using the Very First Reading Program along with the workbooks for my daughter.
  3. See Inside Books: There are too many books in this category to have just one favorite!  These books are phenomenal at teaching facts and information in an engaging hands on way. Basically each books contains over 60 flaps to open as you discover more about that topic. We are currently studying Ancient Egypt and loved exploring See Inside Ancient Egypt.
  4. Human Body Books: I personally LOVE the selection of Human Body books Usborne Books has created. One of their bestsellers is See Inside the Human Body, but one of my personal best sellers has been the Human Body Sticker Book. I had a medical professional once tell me that in medical school she learned the most by getting her hands on an anatomy sticker book. The quality of all their sticker books is exceptional but the Human Body sticker book is like a fun anatomy textbook!
  5. World War I & II Books: These are so popular with the boys! To commemorate 100 years since World War I Usborne Books created several new books. These books would be incredible supplements to any history lesson on the World Wars. They even have sticker books!
  6. Encyclopedia’s: If you asked me which books give homeschoolers the biggest bang for their book, I would no doubt say their encyclopedia’s. There combined volume encyclopedias are chock full of incredible photos and information, all the encyclopedias include internet links (check it out what internet links are HERE) and are all under $20.00. You cannot get a better deal than this!
  7. Art Books: From How to Draw to Famous Artists, Usborne Books has any age artist covered.
  8. Discovery Internet Linked Books: These discovery adventure and animals books are amazing. They are hardcover and filled with vibrant photos and facts. They are also internet linked which is and added bonus and takes learning to another level! We have been using the animal discovery books as part of our animal sciences.
  9. Wipe Clean Books for Preschoolers: Another of my personal best sellers are the wipe clean activity books. These educational wipe clean activity books are perfect for keeping the toddler or preschoolers busy while teaching older siblings.
  10. Science Books: Are your kids interested in forensic science, experiments or what lives under the sea? Usborne books selection of science books will have any homeschool covered in whatever their interest.

I hope this list helps organize the best Usborne Books for any homeschool!
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Join my Usborne Facebook Party Monday October 26th, 2015 from 8-9pm Eastern for games, giveaways and great fun all while learning more about the many titles Usborne book carries! Click HERE to join…

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