How To: Begin Home Preschooling..Part II

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Let me begin by saying that I use the term curriculum broadly to define any resource that can be used for a preschooler, such as, books, arts and crafts, science experiments and outdoor exploration. I enjoy having structure and ideas at my fingertips, so purchasing ” boxed curriculum” works for us. However, it may not work for every parent or preschooler. Knowing yourself and your childs strengths and interests is very important when creating a preschool plan (more on that in Part III) and choosing curriculum.

I am exited about going in a new direction with my four-year old preschooler. Child directed teaching is important at this age and I believe I have created a curriculum using a variety of resources that she and I will thrive in throughout the next 12 months. I would like to share our curriculum choices with you first and later in the post I share a list of resources that many I have not personally used, yet read very good reviews about each of them.

 Our 2013/2014 Curriculum Choices

This coming year I wanted to focus on three main areas, character, the bible and letters/phonics. Here is what we will be using, links and pictures of each of these resources is listed below. If you would like to read more about my curriculum choices visit my Preschool page HERE.


Character Concepts for Preschoolers


Positive Action Bible-Exploring God’s Love K4

Grapevine Studies Beginner traceable Workbook


My Big Book of 5 Minute Devotions

Summer-Good Morning Girls Anything Book & Bible Study (They have a great tie in for kids that goes along with the adult study)

Just Mom and Me Having Tea-A Fun Bible Study for Mom’s and Daughters


God’s Animals from A-Z * This is my own curriculum creation to tie together letters,phonics, handwriting, literature and science.

Lapbooking through the animals

Mother Goose Time A-Z Animal Kit


All about Reading Level Pre-1

Reading Eggs

Explode the Code-Get ready, set and go for the code


Handwriting without Tears- Get Set for School


Teach them Spanish Workbook

Preschool Curriculum Resource Ideas for YOU


Character Concepts for Preschoolers from The Learning Parent

character concepts

We Choose Virtues

we choose virtues



Positive Action Bible



Grape Vine Studies- Stick Figuring through the Bible


The Jesus Storybook Bible

Jesus storybook bible


What’s in the Bible





All About Reading



Reading Eggs

reading eggs


Explode the Code

explode the code



Handwriting without Tears

hw tears



My Fathers World



Heart of Dakota







Confessions of a Homeschooler


Mother Goose Time

Mother goose time box



Arts & Crafts

Artistic Pursuits

artistic pursuits

Kiwi Crate

kiwi crate


Draw Write Now



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