Food, Fitness and The Human Body Review & Giveaway

Preschool Theme clipart

This week we wrapped up our Food, Fitness and Human Body preschool theme! We had so much fun exploring food groups, where are food comes from, doctors, nurses and our human body to name a few. Be sure to read my blog post where I share ALL my resources from around the web to have your own Food, Fitness and Human Body Preschool Theme. Here is our theme in review.

stone soup collage

Stone Soup story and activity.


Water Pitcher dropper painting (read instructions here)

human body

We LOVED this human body kit from SmartLab

Red Collage

While learning about the heart we paused for a red sensory bin exploration. Blog post here.


Learning about grains.


Loved the Magic School Bus books and DVD I got her. Be sure the enter the giveaway to win this book!


Food and Fitness Look and Find poster from our Mother Goose Time Kit.

strawberry art collage

Learning about fruits with this fun strawberry stamping craft.


Fruits and vegetables sorting activity cards from Homeschool Creations.

cow crafts collage

Farm unit activity when learning about protein and dairy.

To celebrate the conclusion of our theme I am hosting a giveaway of two of S’s very favorite books during the last two months. Parts by Tedd Arnold and The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body. She asked repeatedly to have these read to her. One winner will receive both books! Giveaway ends at midnight May 13th.

book giveaway collage

a Rafflecopter giveaway