A Peek into our Homeschool Week…

We are back at school this week, and let me say I think we have finally found our groove! For so long I found it so difficult to actually incorporate all the curriculum, books, projects and ideas I had into our week.

Here is a look at our first week of the year and what we are using. Most has stayed the same, like math, reading, bible and handwriting, except that we have just added Tapestry of Grace  and LOVE IT!! It is the perfect blend of added literature and history that I had been searching for.

Let me start by saying that my daughter is not like most typical 4 year olds. She yearns to learn and if I don’t feed her mind with information, she will ask me hundreds of questions throughout the day. For a least 2 years now she has wanted to sit down and do school work and if you ask her she will tell you it’s her favorite part of the day. I make sure to have a good mix of learning tools, we use literature, workbooks, computer, hands on projects, manipulative’s, file folder games, movies and board games.

sophia read 1     sophia read 2

We usually start our school day with one hour of reading on mommies bed. I love all the book selections with Tapestry of Grace. We are on the younger Lower Grammar side of Tapestry of Grace and I feel the book selections are at just the right level to peek her interest and give her lots of great information. To say she LOVED learning about Ancient Egypt this week would be an understatement.

sophia phonics 2sophia phonics 1

After read aloud time we hop on the computer and do one phonics lesson using Reading Eggs. She learns very well on the computer and Reading Eggs is a wonderful pre-reading program that teaches her better than I ever could. Once a week I do pull out our workbooks, we are using Get Set for the Code and our Usborne Phonics Workbooks.

sophia circle time 1sophia circle time 3Circle time for us consists of calendar (yes I should probably lower the calendar), practicing our bible memory verse of the week, reviewing our geography and history vocabulary words, our character trait of the week (we use Character Concepts) and our animal of the week. I introduce these on Monday and the rest of the week is spent reviewing, or in the case of our animal of the week we will watch short videos, read books or do a craft throughout the week.

sophia science 3 sophia science 2

This week we learned about Tigers!

sophia bible 2Sophia bible 1

Bible is an important part of our week, I do my best to incorporate it into each school day. It is very  important to me that she has a good foundation to the many events within the bible as well as scripture and positive character traits. We have used Positive Action Bible since May and I love the beautiful storybook type bible and the activity pages that go with each lesson. We have also been using Bible Writer for some extra copy work and memory practice.

sophia math 1 sophia handwriting 1

Once a week we practice Math and Handwriting. We have not formally started math, so we have been using some fun Mailbox File Folder Games. For Handwriting we use Handwriting without Tears, we have used it since May and love it! One of my favorite curriculum purchases thus far. I love how before your practice writing the letter on paper you “build” the letter using several different manipulative’s (play-doh, chalkboard, wooden pieces and stamp board)

sophia geo 2 sophia geo 1We just incorporated Geography, it is part of the Tapestry of Grace plan. We are taking it in very small bites and we will not be able to follow along exactly with the plan on Tapestry of Grace. The picture on the left I was introducing the continents of the world, and the picture on the right we were labeling a few important areas on a blank map of Egypt. Although, this lasted for all but two minutes and then she wanted me to label while she listened, which was fine with me!

sophia has 1sophia has 4

Another new addition is Home Art Studio (Review and Giveaway coming soon), here is a look at her first piece of art work which she learned about primary and secondary colors. Tapestry of Grace has many hands on projects that tie in with the unit study that I will be doing my best to incorporate throughout the week.

This may seem like a lot in one week, but we are usually only doing active school time 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. We spend an extra hour each day reading and a couple of hours a week doing art or craft projects in the afternoon. The rest of her day involves lunch, quite time, videos and running errands with mommy.